Alluvione’s Founding Fathers

Alluvione was founded by three men who all separately owned their own companies. They agreed to come together under the request of one in order to fulfill the idea of creating an organization that could benefit the masses.

Lead Founder, Levi Lawrence III: Oversees all networking operations within the org, recruiting, sponsorships, business connections, etc. Known as a national business expert, he has begun to expand his reach by creating business courses for ambitious entrepreneurs through “Alluvione Business Boot Camp. He also owns Shyn3, Inc., multiple other companies, and is a published multi-novel author.

Co-Founder, Eric Jones & Head of Los Angeles Sector: Oversees all operations in the Los Angeles, Ca region, is the primary contact for all business that includes Alluvione LA Events. Known as an international branding expert Eric continues to pave the way within fashion through his high-end shoe brand LFLS Shoes. He also possesses a large amount of control within local Los Angeles events through his “Black Card Membership” as he owns the primary luxury event generator, The Outlet.

Co-Founder, Wayne Willis & Head of Houston Sector: Oversees all operations in the Houston, Tx region, is the primary contact for all business that includes Alluvione HTX Events. Known as the national wedding expert, Wayne sets the tone within the United States owning wedding essential companies Well Groomed Man & Well Groomed Weddings. He is slowly expanding his reach internationally as he begins his merge with Milan, Italy linen companies to offer a vast option for his high paying clients located outside of the US.