Alluvione Event

Unity, Wealth, & Resiliency

This year and forever after we want you doing more than taking pics for the gram and showing up to work. We want you to crush goals and connecting with industry leaders at events.

At Alluvione events, we're networking to increase our net-worth while supporting other up and coming businesses and artists. You will not want to miss out on any of our events or our celebrity guest speakers who will be there to stimulate your mind so you can stimulate your pockets.

Our Story

After a group of businessmen agreed to come together to do an event celebrating Eric Jones' owner of the company "LFLS Shoes" relocation to Los Angeles, Levi Lawrence III realized that this was his chance to create the networking organization that he always desired to have. He took a leap of faith and mentioned that he wanted to create an entire company around the event that was being thrown. He offered a partnership in the spirit of "business & brotherhood" where the majority of the group took an interest. The Founding Fathers of Alluvione were created in May of 2019.

Wayne Willis, Eric Jones, & Levi Lawrence III.

Join Us!

The three locations below will be where the largest of Alluvione's events will be held.
These three cities have some of the largest recorded networking success rates within the US. The more business investment & self-investment opportunities that we can provide for our attendees the better.

Alluvione LA

(Los Angeles, CA)

June 25, 2021


Alluvione ATL

(Atlanta, GA)


March 2022

September 18, 2021

What Else?..

Want to know about other future events that will be going on worldwide that Alluvione will be apart of and that you may want to attend?